Blogging the Class: Week 5

Tonight’s class started off by demonstrating a camera obscura constructed by taping black tarp over the windows except for a penny-sized hole cut out of a flattened piece of soda can. When we killed the lights, the whole room was turned into a canvas for an upside-down projected image of the scene outside. It was impressive to see how much detail was visible as well as the rich, full color. All this served as an elementary example of the optical principals of reproducing an image.

Then, of course, it was back into the darkroom for more print making. Tonight I took a different path with my test strips; I used multiple strips with a single exposure time on each instead of incremental exposure times along the same strip. This allowed me to have a better idea of how the different exposures would affect the whole image instead of different patches. I think the results were an improvement, and I was able to make three prints after a contact sheet.

There was no particular assignment this week, but as we finished up we were given handouts with additional information about how images are reproduced. Christopher may send us something to work on via email during the week, but otherwise we’re simply to shoot more film 🙂

I think I’ll cut up some of my pre-class negatives this week so I can make prints from those images next Monday…

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