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Okay, there are enough gushing reviews of Pixar’s latest release, Wall-E, that I needn’t muddy the waters with my lesser writing skills. I loved it. Best movie of the year so far in my opinion.

This post, on the other hand, is about the brilliant end credit sequence. Not only do we catch a glimpse, in a combination of stills and light animation, what happens after the conclusion of the feature, but we also see the visual design of the titles transition from cave drawings through hieroglyphs, to impressionism, and even up to 8-bit video game graphics. Pixar outdoes themselves with their films quite often, and the attention to detail – artistic detail, mind you – in an oft skipped part of a movie was a surprise indeed. Give these folks a Best Picture nomination.

6 thoughts on “Wall-E End Credits

  1. I first saw Wall-E with my two nephews, so I was in a bit of a hurry to get out of there as soon as the movie ended; I thought it was a good movie but I felt the ending was terribly rushed. But I went to see it again with a sci-fi geek friend, and that time I stayed through the end credits. What a difference. Other movies have had memorable credit sequences, but I believe this one to be integral to the movie itself; anyone who leaves when the end credits begin is missing the movie’s actual ending.

  2. I completely agree with you! The end credits made an essential part of the film in my view.It’s interesting that you specifically mentioned the cave paintings and Impressionism – those are exactly the phases my girlfriend noticed at first!

  3. i just went to see the film… AMAZING!!!But i stupidly walked out too early.. PLEASE PLEASE tell me.. what happens???

  4. Claire, watch the film again and you’ll know what happens, but like I said, the cockroach and Wall-e have freakshow Cock-E babies… duuuh!

  5. to be honest i think the end credits is what makes this film. The film itself is very well made, but i find the message still too hollywood-ish and cliched, and not that original (kind of based on space odessey). But the end credits are so amazing. like an animated graphic history of our great civilisations. The graphics are truly capturing of the key schools in arts.

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