Finally Eating at Chiocca’s

Tonight I decided to eat dinner at Chiocca’s in the Museum District. It looks like my favorite sandwich in Richmond has been usurped by a piled-high pastrami and cheddar on rye, nice and hot.

If you can take the smokey and dive-yet-comfortable interior, grab a seat and enjoy. If you can’t, call a head and take out. Either way, bring cash, because they don’t take plastic (and as of this writing, their in-house ATM is busted). This is the real deal as far as deli sandwiches are concerned.

2 thoughts on “Finally Eating at Chiocca’s

  1. O I certainly agree with your little review… Got take out last week and it was amazing… “Son of Beast” was great and included fries AND a pickle 🙂 I have lived in the Museum District for almost a year and had never gone there before. They definitely offer great food and good portions at a reasonable price.

  2. Sandwiches there are always good. But when Chiocca himself makes the sandwich it’s always that much better. He’s has attained true mastry.

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