Quick Quiz

Think about this to yourself for a minute…

Without looking at your cell phone, how many phone numbers do you have memorized, including the area code, NOT including your own?
(answer in the comments, please)

15 thoughts on “Quick Quiz

  1. what are you saying…that we’re becoming dumber and the machines are obtaining more knowledge, and that soon they will use our ignorance to overthrow us!!! NNNNOOOOOO!!! Damn the machine masters! Damn them straight to the underworld known as Zion. WE SHALL SCAR THE SKY!

  2. 3: my wife’s mobile, my Grandparents’ home in NY, and my childhood home phone (not sure if that one counts).And you still have weird alignment on your input boxes in Safari.

  3. Phil,I’d forgotten about that misalignment – especially since I never see it, being logged in all the time – but I’ll try to fix it.Any ideas? I’m not exactly a web designer 🙂

  4. 10 that I know where they go to. I have a couple of other ones (including the first phone number I ever got from a girl…) that I don’t know where they go to.

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