Cupertino’s N.Y. Bagel and Deli

Well well well.

I just returned from an early morning bagel run to Cupertino’s N.Y. Bagel and Deli in the West End (do they actually have their own website?). This is my third visit including yesterday morning – investigation requires work, after all – and I’m convinced now that I’ve found something resembling a decent bagel shop in Richmond (and possibly even a good deli!). I’ve since had some more bagels (pretty good), a capicola and mozzarella sandwich on their fresh baked rye bread (not quite a deli-portion of meat, but it was DELICIOUS), and even some of that Boylan cream soda I dig so much. Next time I go over there (how soon is too soon?) I plan to hit up some of their fresh crumb cake in addition to some fresh cold cuts for the week’s lunches.

Is this a true transplanted deli from the Northeast? Have I found my real bagels and delicatessen?

I’d say it’s halfway – but that’s very promising for my fair city. The bagels are certainly a cut above anything Einstein’s or Panera has to offer. The fact that I can get capicola on a sandwich is rare (but not impossible) in Richmond. The fresh rye bread is fantastic, though, and tasted at least as good as anything I’ve had back in Jersey. My hope is that Cupertino’s remains a busy so that other bagel makers see opportunity down here in the South.

Tip o’ the hat to Tripp for pointing out the joint.

10 thoughts on “Cupertino’s N.Y. Bagel and Deli

  1. While I already answered my brother’s inquiry via email, I’ll answer here, too, for my readers’ benefit.This place was exceptional for Richmond, but doesn’t stack up to The Fabulous Bagel Boys (in Newark, DE) or The Bagel Oven (my favorite, in Red Bank, NJ).

  2. The Fabulous Bagel Boys? Where in Newark are they located?I went to school at UD (go Blue Hens) and don’t remember them.Perhaps they opened after I left.

  3. The Fabulous Bagel Boys are in the Pike Creek Shopping Center on the corner of Limestone and New Linden Hill Roads (across from Goldey-Beacom). I think they’ve only been open for about 6 years, so it might have been after you left (depends on when you went to school, I suppose).

  4. @Ed:While I’ve heard great things about Bodo’s from my Long-Island-Native youth group leader years ago, I’m not often in Charlottesville, so I’ve never eaten there and cannot attest to how it is.

  5. I’m a New York native myself and Bodo’s is the closest I’ve ever come to the real thing. I’m going to try Cupertino’s tomorrow and compare.

  6. Obviously you have never been to NY. This bagel place is a JOKE as someone who grew up in northern NJ, just 20 mins from NYC, I am offended that they would call themselves a NY Bagel & Deli. They’re a joke. Don’t waste your time, money or gas.

  7. @Samantha:I’ve been to NY a million times, actually, and I grew up in New Jersey, too.I said that it “resembles a decent bagel shop” and that it was “half-way,” and “promising for my fair city.” Compared to the Bagel Oven in Red Bank, NJ? NJ wins. Compared to Panera and Einsteins, though? No contest, Cupertino’s wins.When I have a craving for bagels in Richmond, Cupertino’s is the closest I get to something I grew up with. Not a perfect substitute, but I take what I can get.

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