Real Bagels in Richmond?

As my trip to DE draws to a close I’m reminded that back home I’ve found a real butcher and some real pizza. Heck, I’ve even found real gelato.

But after having fresh egg bagels every morning here in Delaware reminds me that I have yet to find authentic bagels in Richmond, VA. Any suggestions people?

Maybe I can hope against hope for a serious deli, too…

3 thoughts on “Real Bagels in Richmond?

  1. @Dr. Moist:Never been there – but it appears to be a sandwich shop/restaurant. I’m looking for an honest-to-goodness bagel shop like they have in Jersey and other states in the North Eastern US.And for the deli angle, I’m looking for a serious deli that’s principally for buying cold cuts/cheeses and the like. Maybe you can eat on premises, but that’s not my main goal. I want to buy my lunch meat there.Anyway, there’s a place in the West End I’m considering called NY Bagels and Deli – if it’s any good it could solve both problems.

  2. You’re thinking of Cupertino’s NY Bagels and Deli.They have the best bagels in town with a great deli to boot (and yes, you can eat on premises).They start baking around 3am every day and if you don’t get there early, they will run out.Make sure you say hi to “Pop” when you’re there.3621 Cox Rd Richmond, VA 23233 (804) 747-4005

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