Photoshop Express – Now with Flickr integration!

Photoshop Express, that clever (and FREE!) web app from Adobe with some pretty powerful and easy to use editing tools, can now hook into your Flickr account. Now I’m not sure I’ll make much use of this (or Flickr’s picnik for that matter) since I have iPhoto and Photoshop CS3 on my Mac, but I may still try to compare the two, since I never know when I’ll want to upload and modify a photo from another computer. I can tell you now that PSE seems to be a bit of a system pig, but we’ll see.

On a related note, Photoshop Express DOES have a feature which is pretty nice. You can quickly create embeddable slide shows of pictures for use on pretty much any site. It’s kinda clunky right now, and seems as slow as the app itself, but it’s still young and has room for improvement. Here’s an example:

This is a feature I wish Flickr had built in because I already store my photos online there, and don’t feel like having to transfer them to a 2GB-limited web app just to make an easy slide show.

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