The Worst Gets Worse

I’ve complained about the network goons at my company restricting access to harmless websites before. I’ve lost access to Twitter,,, and a number of other sites which seem to have no worse impact on my productivity than checking the news.

Well today they crossed the freaking line, without warning as usual. Now they’ve blocked Gmail. Yahoo! Mail is also blocked, incidentally, though I rarely use it. They’d already blocked the chat functionality, which was understandable, but blocking web-based mail in general? This is ridiculous.

Oh yeah, YouTube is still freely accessible, which continues to make little sense and boggle my mind.

Stinkin’ paranoid network goons.

I have my access again. I don’t know whether it’s the email I sent to the Help Desk (likely not – I received no reply) or somebody many levels above myself complaining about the same problem. I’m just glad to have it back.

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