Circular Argument

The North Richmond News reports that Richmond’s government is considering a change to the intersection of Laburnum and Hermitage. While said crossing is currently managed by traffic lights, officials are looking at changing the traffic pattern to a two lane circle similar to the Lee Circle at Allen and Monument.

Part of me thinks this is useful – after all, this could actually lead to fewer accidents and a better flow of traffic – but part of me is pissed off. I don’t care what benefits traffic circles may bring because driving through them annoys the crap out of me 🙂

3 thoughts on “Circular Argument

  1. Ah, I didn’t realize there was a difference until your comment suggested so. I believe this is to be a roundabout, NOT a traffic circle. I suppose I could differentiate it from the more harrowing true circles in New Jersey which I’m used to 🙂

  2. my question is, “aren’t there more pressing issues to spend our money on city council?”.

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