Baby Mama…Drama Not Included

I’m a huge fan of 30 Rock – Tina Fey’s razor sharp writing and comedy timing keep me entertained for thirty minutes every Thursday night. So I was okay with the idea of going on a date with my wife which included a viewing of Baby Mama, which opened last night. Until I watched it.

To be fair, the parts that were funny were EXTREMELY funny, and Steve Martin’s character was one of the funniest parts he’s played in years. But the rest of the movie was absolutely ridiculous. Cliche jokes, over-predictable situations, and stereotypical characters plagued the feature throughout, and I couldn’t help feeling like the lead actors were stifled by an underwritten script. But the script wasn’t written by Fey – it was written by Michael McCullers. McCullers has such stellar writing credits as the last two Austin Powers movies and Undercover Brother. w00t!

Two out of five, man, because this movie didn’t even meet the lukewarm expectations I barely had.

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