Yeah, I know, it’s Earth Day, but I wasn’t actually searching for something related to the environment. I was researching the design and manufacture of beer kegs when I came across the ecoKEG, developed by an Australian named Warwick Field.

This keg is made from fully recyclable plastics, weighs about 30 pounds less than a standard keg, and has the potential for keeping beer fresh for longer than metal. It’s still a standard size and shape so it’s supposed to work with existing beer logistics. There are financial incentives to beer distributors, too, since it’s a lower cost of materials and lower risk for lost or damaged kegs.

I’d like to keep an eye on this, because it’d be interesting to see how well they work in practice and whether they make their way to the United States. I’d also be interested to research the comparative polluting effects of manufacturing and recycling polyethylene terephthalate vs. steel or aluminum.

5 thoughts on “ecoKEG

  1. Well there’s a special lining inside these kegs as well, so it’s not as if you’re drinking beer out of a plastic bottle. HOWEVER, the idea of whether beer tastes better from plastic/glass/metal is debatable. Is there research out there about how beer reacts with those three materials, if at all?

  2. I don’t know if there’s research about this, but I do notice a difference in “bite” between metal-canned and plastic-bottled sodas. I suspect the same could apply to beers, as well.

  3. Just curious, do you have a source for "This keg is made from fully recyclable plastics"? How do you know? Thanks for taking the time to post!

  4. Tom, my only source is that Ecokeg states what their product is made from – PET and polypropylene – both readily recyclable in industrialized countries and many developing nations.

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