Early to Rise

Last night I actually managed to get to bed before 7:30 and – Miracle of Miracles!!! – fall asleep before 8:00.

I did this because I semi-voluntarily came into the office this morning at 4:15 to oversee my portion of a production database release. I woke up once at about 11:40 to hit the head, and then only woke up again at 3:25 this morning, five minutes before my alarm was to go off anyway! So now I’m sitting here in the office at 4:45 AM typing a blog post.

If there’s any advantage to being up SO early, it’s that I’m leaving the office around 2 PM this afternoon. I plan to take a nice full hour-long lunch at noon – anyone care to join me? – and then finish up my day before heading out to FINALLY shoot that roll of B&W film in what’s supposed to be a glorious afternoon. Heck, if today is as sunny as it’s supposed to be, maybe I’ll even fire off that roll of slide film in my bag…

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