Delicious Designs

Tonight I’m heading to Delicious Designs with Valerie – an annual event hosted by her trade organization, the American Society of Interior Designers.

At this event folks construct architectural, interior, or furniture elements out of edible materials. I’ve seen copies of famous buildings, a sagging toilet made out of rice crispy treats, and the totally-not-fair-but-somehow-won-anyway pirate ship made almost entirely out of pickles. Lots of this stuff is super kitschy, some of it’s downright stupid, but some of it is quite clever and creative. Valerie is working with some others to construct a sample board, and her part included some “wood” made from chocolate, and “cork flooring” made from two kinds of graham crackers. I’m hoping to get loads of pictures from the event, but considering the low indoor lighting, that may be wishful thinking…

flyer for Delicious Designs

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