Hardee’s can eat it.

Attacking a Hardee’s commercial is a little too easy these days. Whether it’s for chauvinistic portrayals of women or the seeming attempts to make their burgers look as sloppy and disgusting as possible, the fast food chain’s TV ads don’t seem to find much praise outside the frat boy set. I usually just ignore the commercials, but this one finally ticked me off:

Besides the obvious offense to me as a guy who DOES bake (and cook all sorts of other things), there’s a really stupid element to this commercial that I can’t get over.

Can you honestly tell me that if a dude walks into a room with fresh-baked biscuits that the other fellas are going to look at him funny instead of greedily snatching the food right off the tray? I can’t think of a guy who’d rather stare at a baking man than eat the freely offered baked goods. Now I love me some Hardee’s breakfast, and their biscuits ARE tasty, but come on. This is ridiculous.

4 thoughts on “Hardee’s can eat it.

  1. On the subject of cooking, I need a recommendation. Knives, a SET of knives. They must be sharp and last forever. A set that isn’t a bunch of serrated(or our companies better-awesome-NASA-designed serrated) edges. I don’t mind some, but I don’t know. If you have a good recommendation that’s serrated that’s cool.

  2. I am glad I am not the only one who sees these stupid commercials that feed into the 1985 stereo type that all men are dumb, homophobic, unable to do anything in the kitchen, cheating morons…..then they try to sell to the SAME audience they are offending.They assume we will see these commercials, laugh, raise a glass and cheer at the TV.I bake and I’m not gay,…how about that>I no longer buy their food for my crew on Fridays wen I buy lunch due to this idiocy.

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