A Sea Change In the World of Computers

Oh my…this is rather big news, I think.

RoughlyDrafted is reporting that IBM has created a Mac-switching pilot program internally.

That’s huge. Really huge. I remember when I was younger arguing with my Mac friends when the major alternative was IBM. Now that Big Blue is out of the hardware business, it seems they’re looking to move away from Windows. Image the increase in Mac adoption if this expands! Work users looking for Macs to use as personal computers, more enterprises deciding it’s actually okay to use OS X instead of Windows…I can’t emphasize enough how significant this will be if it takes off.
(via MacNN)

2 thoughts on “A Sea Change In the World of Computers

  1. I think you hit it on the head – 10 years ago, this would have been an unthinkable announcement (despite the fact that much of what made the original mac’s great was legally stolen from IBM) but the last few years they have been moving away from hardware and fully embracing linux. Due to that, making a switch to OSX is certainly more natural than Vista (shudder).

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