Fan Ukrop’s Bites the Dust

According to Jon Baliles on River City Rapids, the Ukrop’s grocery store at Grace and Harrison by VCU is shutting down. I have mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, students and nearby residents are losing access to a Richmond business and now have to either shop at Kroger (blech) or drive (if they can) to Carytown to shop Ukrop’s. On the other hand, while the Grace Street location was a dramatic improvement over Community Pride, the store was never quite up to snuff compared to other Ukrop’s stores. In fact, even though I live on the south end of Seminary Ave., I typically drive to the Carytown location because of the better selection (especially produce).

Ah well, it was a grand experiment while it lasted, and an alternative to the cold confines of Kroger.

5 thoughts on “Fan Ukrop’s Bites the Dust

  1. A lot of the beer I like to drink isn’t carried by Kroger anyway, though. If I want Newcastle or Yeungling I’ll go there (or wherever is convenient), but generally the few times I actually buy a sixer I’m looking for something a little more specialty than Kroger provides.

  2. I can’t help but feel a large part of why they weren’t successful was the share of seedy characters who hung around in that area. The lighting in that parking lot was poor, and Grace street in general continues to be a problem for transients and criminals. Had Ukrops actually invested in the area, I think they could’ve had a very sucessful store. After all, it was closer for students than is Kroger.I blame the city for not dealing with it’s problems (as usual) and Ukrops for not investing properly.

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