A Film Less Interesting

It’s Saturday and I’m still sick, so while my mother-in-law went out with Valerie to look at bathroom furnishings I decided to finally try out Hulu. Now enough has already been said about this video service that I don’t wish to dilute the stream any further. I’d rather talk about the first film I watched: A Life Less Ordinary.

I have to be honest – the only two reasons I decided to check this film out before hand were because I knew Beck had a song on the soundtrack (“Deadweight”) and I had a vague notion that it was some non-mainstream movie when it was released. I’ve since found out it was directed by Danny Boyle, of Trainspotting and 28 Days Later fame. While A Life Less Ordinary certainly reflects Boyle’s good direction, the story ends up feeling flat.

A love story at its core, the movie features two angels tasked with setting up two humans to fall in love on earth. There are some rather surreal and strange events along the way that make the movie feel as if it’s trying to channel Raising Arizona, but ultimately the ending feels too predictable and the story too thin to warrant high praise.


On a side note, I hope Hulu can expand its full-length film offerings. This was a great way for me to check out a movie that I was on the fence about without wasting a slot on my Netflix queue.

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