Class It Up

I’m really hoping to take a photography class sometime this year. Here’s what I’m looking for:

1. 35mm manual photography
2. Some emphasis on composition
3. Darkroom skilx0rz
4. Class must be after work hours, starting no earlier than 5:30 PM.
5. Start as soon as possible.

What I’m wondering is where the heck to I take a class like this in Richmond? If I wait until the fall I can almost surely take a course from J-Sarge, but I’m hoping to start sooner if at all possible. Are my only options community colleges or VCU? I doubt I could get into a VCU course even though I’m an alumnus. The Glen Allen Cultural Center and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts both seem to offer courses, but the VMFA course already started, and the GACC course starts next Tuesday…and is it any good?

All my Richmond folks – any ideas? They don’t have to be yours – you could pass on what you’ve heard from friends/colleagues. Hit me in the comments, or daniel + c + warshaw [at] gmail dot com.

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