Paris, Day 2 Continued

So yeah, we never were able to eat at the Hidden Kitchen. Apparently, there was some computer virus, and the reservation was lost, or something. I don’t know – I’ll take them at their word since their apologetic reply came with a heavy helping of detailed suggestions for eateries (and wine bars!) around town.

For dinner instead, after getting rained upon while killing myself to climb Montmartre and see Sacre Coeur, we ate at some random restaurant at the bottom of the hill. The service was way slow, but HOLY CRAP, I had Duck Confit for dinner. That. Was. Awesome. Valerie described it as tasting like “dark meat turkey with the BEST gravy.” I just know it was amazing, and fell apart from the fork. Oi. And it was 11 Euros, which is like $16, but I assure you it would have been double states-side.

That’s it for tonight. Tomorrow morning we go to Easter Mass! Bon Nuit!

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