And on the Third Day (in Paris)

van gogh self portrait

Easter mass at Notre Dame was beautiful – especially the Gregorian music. Afterwards we were soundly ripped of in a tourist trap restaurant with a friendly waiter, tasty food, and super high prices. I made up for it afterwards, though, with a crepe from a little stand on the curb…with butter, sugar, and Grand Marnier. Oh my, this was delicious. The fresh, hot crepe turned everything else on it into a tasty syrup.

We took a short break back at the hotel to change out of our Easter duds, and headed over towards the Catacombs – which we discovered are currently closed for some repairs or something. So a strike there. Instead, we visited Musée d’Orsay to see some of the Impressionist paintings from the likes of Monet, Manet, Degas, and Van Gough.

After THAT, we walked across Pont Royale to be completely overwhelmed by the impressive former palace that is The Louvre. More pictures, more walking, and we took a train to grab dinner in a random part of town at what seemed to be a Belgian chain restaurant specializing in mussels. After all that, we’ were pretty much exhausted, so we’ve been taking it easy this evening so I can nurse what may be a growing cold…and also because Valerie seems to have planned a veritable marathon of activities for tomorrow…oh my…

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