À Paris!

So I’m writing this from my hotel room in Paris after a long exhausting period of travel.

We left on time from Dulles yesterday and even arrived in Amsterdam twenty minutes early. Then our flight to Paris was delayed an hour and twenty minutes. Then our train from Charles de Gaulles had to stop inexplicably in between stations for about a half hour. Then it stopped for good at Gare de Nord, one stop ahead of where we needed to transfer. Then we went through a rigamarole in that station to get our tourist passes for the metro. Then we finally, three hours after landing in France, made it to our hotel.

We are in a freaking awesome part of town.

There are loads of students around since were’ in the middle of some of Paris’ major universities, which means there are loads of amazing looking places to eat with some prices that seem amazing even after the exchange rate. We had dinner tonight at a restaurant called Le Grange on Rue Mouffetard where I tried (and thoroughly enjoyed) escargot. We had a half bottle of nondescript Cote de Rhone red wine which was amazingly fruit-forward for an Old World 2006. And the sorbet du cassis was AMAZING and flavorful. Valerie’s mousse au chocolat tasted like whipped chocolate chips. WOW.

And finally, after about a half hour of shut-eye back in l’hotel, we cruised out to see La Tour Eiffel at night. I’m seriously hoping some of my long exposures turned out alright…

Anyway, off I go. It’s 11:45 PM here, and I’m bushed. More later as the awesomeness unfolds!

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