Hedonistic Dinner

Okay, I admit it…I indulged a bit much last night, but I had to experiment with what seemed to be an extremely luxurious entree idea.

So I took one lobe of a hanger steak I’d purchased from the butcher, and after salting and peppering, wrapped the whole thing in slices of Prosciutto di Parma (sliced so thin you could see through them – no joke!). I rendered the fat from some chopped pancetta and then cooked the wrapped beef in it – rolling occasionally on high heat before transferring the whole thing to the oven to finish.

WOW, this thing was packed with flavor. In retrospect, I could’ve done without the salt (or at least much less) on the beef considering how salty prosciutto is, but over all it was one of the tastiest cuts of meat I’d consumed in a long time. The meat was done just right – medium rare – and cut cross-wise like I cut pork tenderloin, it was far more tender than many reference sources indicate.

I’ll be purchasing this cut on a regular basis, I think, though certainly not for such an opulent preparation as last night.

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