There’s Also a Terror Watch

The following is an actual conversation which took place between an anonymous Fan resident and myself this afternoon.

[Ext., Meadow Park. DANIEL faces approximately NE having just turned 180 degrees after taking a picture of a Fan District house. He is looking to frame another shot when a gray-haired WOMEN approaches, disrupting his attention. There are bushes between them, about shoulder height.]

WOMAN (somewhat severely): What are you doing?

DANIEL (voice rising like a question, incredulous): Taking…pictures.

WOMAN: Why?!

DANIEL: Because I enjoy photography.

WOMAN: Why here?!?

DANIEL: Well I’m on a public sidewalk, so this is perfectly legal.

WOMAN: Well, there’s also a terror watch.

[WOMAN continues to watch DANIEL and slowly walks backward, arms folded across her chest. DANIEL continues to take photographs as WOMAN retreats behind the glass door of her apartment building, watching suspiciously for another fifteen minutes.]

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