Dear Qdoba

Your food is still too expensive for what you get, compared to your competitors. You’re still an also-ran that hit the over-sized burrito chain restaurant scene a little late. You still have little to distinguish yourself in a market fast becoming crowded by both national chains and regional operators. You still look as stupid as Chipotle when you charge for tortilla chips – something every cheap and fast Mexican restaurant gives away with free refills (though I’m sure you laugh at that with every paying customer).

But, Qdoba, you won my heart last night with your Ancho Chile BBQ burrito with shredded pork. That sauce, with it’s slow building heat and tangy sweetness, made the whole thing. I would’ve eaten my computer mouse covered with that stuff. It certainly helped that the pork was flavorful as well.

It also helps that I found a $5-off coupon in my work mailbox this morning for your West Broad St. location. Lunch is officially covered.

2 thoughts on “Dear Qdoba

  1. Hmm… I’ve never been to Qdoba, but since they’ve got that here in Nashville, but not Chipotle, I might have to give it a shot.There is a really good burrito place here called Baja Burrito, though. Not quite as good as Chipotle, but still good.

  2. went to Salsarita’s with Kuz last week… not bad. Had the same thought while we were there. 4 years ago there was nothing, and now we have Chipotle / Moe’s / Qdoba / Baja Fresh / Baja Burrito / Salasarita… so are we reaching a point of market saturation yet?

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