Alton Brown, Knife Salesman

Even casual acquaintances know that I’m a huge Alton Brown fan. It’s because of him that I keep Kosher salt in a cellar on the counter. It’s because of him that I focus more on technique than recipes. I suppose it’s because I grew up watching Mr. Wizard, and as a grown up I love to cook. Brown’s show, Good Eats, is the best of both worlds.

It was with some surprise, then, that I came across this rather amusing video wherein Brown spends over six minutes hawking Shun knives:

This video is fascinating for two reasons. First, it’s structured like a clip right out of Good Eats, from the foam props to the camera work. Other than the more-obvious-than-usual sales pitch (Brown’s use of the knives on the show is obvious, and his Shun sponsorship is well-known), one might think this was a pirated clip from the Food Network. This, in fact, leads to reason two: I’m guessing Brown likely wrote this ad spot, and was allowed to borrow heavily for his own knife-centric episode, “American Slicer“.

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