They cut off my twitter.

Mugs, try not to laugh too hard at that post title…

It appears that as of some time this morning, the network control freaks at my company cut off access to Twitter. Now when I attempt to visit the page I get the ominous restricted access notice. I’m sure sending the infrequent 140 character message through a web page was putting a real drain on productivity and security.

It’s worth noting some sites that are still NOT blocked: YouTube, Apple’s Movie Trailer page, Flickr, just to name a few. Boggles me mind, it does.

4 thoughts on “They cut off my twitter.

  1. If they only knew…good thing they haven’t blocked my website :-)No, I actually still manage to get plenty done around here – I’m sure I could do even more if I didn’t blog, but a) I’d go insane if I couldn’t, and b) lots of my tasks require kicking off a process and waiting. So all’s fair as far as I see it.

  2. Cutting off your Twitter isn’t nearly as bad as cutting off your Twinkie. I’d say you made out alright. As long as you’ve got your golden, creme-filled, tubular sponge cake, you’ve got all you need.

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