I miss you, Pudding Pies

Hostess still makes their tasty fruit pies, but I was nostalgia-stricken for the now unavailable (at least around here) pudding pies when I came across this cheesy old commercial:

My personal favorite were the chocolate variety, but since they were covered in that layer of industrial grade chocolate frosting, the vanilla pies were tasty, too.

6 thoughts on “I miss you, Pudding Pies

  1. I was particularly fond of the TMNT-themed “Turtle Pies.” which consisted of a vanilla pudding pie with mysterious green frosting.I think Kozy Shack makes pudding pies now, but they’re gross.

  2. I remember those Turtle Pies. Those things rocked the house.I haven’t had pudding in about a year. I need to change that this weekend.

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