Headphone Help

My headphones finally are failing me.
The wire inside the plastic sheath is frayed
causing a mad’ning drop of all that’s said
and sung. I chose the ‘phones on rules, all three
of which are practical. Less than twenty
dollars but feeling still as if well-made,
and I’d prefer it if they only weighed
a few ounces, and good sound quality.

Can anyone suggest replacements good
enough to meet all my criteria?
I can’t use ear buds because I still need
to hear the knocking of team mates who would
visit my cubicle. I just want a
decent set to wear around my head.

6 thoughts on “Headphone Help

  1. Good, except for the mad’ning. It makes it a bit too obvious that you’re attempting to write in a specific meter.

  2. Yeah, I worried about that one for a bit, but it’s also how I actually say the word, which is why I was okay with it.Granted, it’s only the second sonnet I’ve ever written in my life.

  3. pull a chris brown … use ear buds – only have one in the ear, and the other left dangling. You look like and idiot, but can hear coworkers when they say your name, the rest of the time, just tune them out…

  4. Chris, I would…except I’m so in to the music that I can’t stand to hear the incomplete sound, especially when certain instruments are mixed differently to left or right channels.I’m just picky like that, even at work :-)But anyway, I bought the same headphones I had before – only 15 bucks, and I know they sound good.

  5. When I read this I pronounced ‘head’ ‘heed’, a la So I Married An Axe Murderer…And what headphones are they? I’ve kind of been looking for a pair.

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