plaxico burress catches the winning touchdown

Against the odds, my New York Giants have defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII!!!!!

Eli Manning deserved his MVP, with his only interception the result of a bobbled reception, and an otherwise strong game that made Tom Brady look like, well…Eli Manning 🙂

In addition, the defense for the Big Blue Wrecking Crew played as hard as any defense could, stuffing run after run and putting so much pressure on Brady that he looked like he was about to blow. Now we go into the books as having shut down the almost perfect season of the Patriots, allowing the ’72 Dolphins to breath easier. Eli gets to feel like a real quarter back, and Tom Coughlin proved his value as coach.

What a fantastic end to an unexpected playoff run, too! Excepting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card round, every team we defeated in the post season beat us during the regular season, so it’s nice to payback for those earlier losses.

I suppose I’ll be wearing my Giants jersey to work on Tuesday (I’m taking tomorrow off…too wiped out), if I don’t get called out on it…

UPDATE: For anyone interested, here’s the INCREDIBLE play where Eli broke the tackle and tossed it to David Tyree for the helmet catch.

One thought on “THE GIANTS WIN!!!

  1. Yay Giants! I’d been saying all week that they were going to win and no one believed me. I knew they could do it!

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