Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo!(!!!)

I think my internet heart is breaking…

If Yahoo! accepts Microsoft’s unsolicited offer, that means several nice web properties would fall under control of the Evil Empire. Properties like, and Flickr. Yeah, FLICKR. That upsets me no small amount.

Of course, Yahoo! rejected the last bid from Microsoft, but their financial outlooks wasn’t so weak at the time. We’ll see what happens. Resist! Resist!

5 thoughts on “Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo!(!!!)

  1. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…I can see it now, “Genuine Flickr Advantage Service,” a required $29.95 monthly subscription.Or, “It looks like you’re trying to leave a comment on this picture. Do you want to write it in Word? Do you want to send an email with Microsoft Outlook? Do you want to check the comment for viruse?”

  2. Hilarious!Of course, I’m also worried about the good services getting crapped up like MS did to Hotmail back in the day. Of course, they can HAVE Yahoo! Mail, because that’s been crappy for a while now (and the spam filter is worthless!).

  3. I am bothered by this as well. I don’t think I’ve seen any Microsoft-owned web presence that I genuinely enjoyed. I was just starting to enjoy Yahoo’s news and search, and now Microsoft wants to buy it and turn it into a cheesy metallic gradient with dork glasses.

  4. Yeah, that is an interesting theory, and he’s not the only one saying that as the day wears on.Kinda nice to think of MS as desperate. IF that’s what it takes to affect change, so be it.

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