Today I decided that I’d ditch Sage – the Firefox extension I use for feeds at work – for NewsGator‘s FeedDemon. So far, so good – though it’s definitely a bit clunkier than NetNewsWire (seriously, what is it with camel case everybody?) and isn’t 100% analogous in functionality.

What I’m MOST interested in, however, is the NewsGator Online feature – the ability to sync my feeds between the Mac at home, and the computer here. This way when I get back to the house I don’t have to wade through the news items I’ve already read here at my desk.

5 thoughts on “FeedDemon

  1. Maybe it’s matured since I first tried it (admittedly close to when it launched), but it was kinda slow at the time, and I wasn’t fond of the layout.I think I also like having a reader separate from the browser. I could use Fluid on the Mac to handle that, I guess, but I’m not sure I want to keep my Google account logged in all the time since it would mean my whole Google account was logged in as well – and Val has her own GMail account.I’ll take a look at Google Reader, but I’m pretty happy with NetNewsWire at home so it would take a lot for me to switch at this point.

  2. I’ll write you a feed reader in Actionscript that also streams syndicated videos of The O’Reilly Factor and crashes your browser when you try to navigate away from the page in which it is embedded.

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