SuperDuper is Its Namesake

This weekend I decided to trust the advice of John Gruber (generally not a risky proposition) and purchase SuperDuper, the backup software from Shirt Pocket Software.

Dang, it’s quick, easy, and intelligent. See, I connect to an AFP share on my external hard drive, so that’s mounted most of the time while my computer is upstairs with the Ethernet cord plugged in. I ran my initial backup creating a disk image on that external drive. I was concerned that if I took my computer away for a day and forgot to remount the AFP share when I returned, that the backup would fail. Well, SuperDuper can execute a script for you immediately preceding the backup process. So I was researching Applescript methods for auto-mounting a volume if it’s not already connected, and as the evening wore on, the scheduled backup kicked off. To my delighted surprise, it automatically mounted the volume for me, and problem solved!

I highly recommend this to any of my Mac-slingin’ peeps out there (who have an extra drive).

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