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New York Giants vs. New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII


Tonight, against the odds, Eli Manning threw NO interceptions, and my NEW YORK GIANTS defeated the excellent Brett Favre and his Green Bay Packers. Much respect to you, Favre, but I’m glad the boys in blue came out victorious.

I know the Patriots are currently a 13-point favorite, but you can’t count out the Giants now. Not after taking down Dallas. Not after taking down the Packers. We came pretty close in week 17 against the Pats, and though they learn quickly and rarely falter, I’ve now watched my team’s defense surprise most of the pundits with coverage when it counts.

The added bonus, for me, is that I can count on an extra helping of people rooting for the Giants since there are so many folks embittered towards the Patriots, yearning for their perfect season to be taken away. While I personally think another team with a perfect season would be cool, I don’t want it to happen when the Giants stand in the way 🙂

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