Hell of a Movie

Had I bothered to research director Guillermo del Toro after I watched the incredible Pan’s Labyrinth I would no doubt have noticed that he also directed the comic book movie Hellboy. Since I didn’t look up the director, it wasn’t until just now after reluctantly checking out the trailer for the forthcoming Hellboy II that I even bothered to check out del Toro’s resume. I was curious whether he’d directed the first installment if he was working on the sequel, and sure enough, he did.

Now I’ve not seen the first movie, but del Toro did the screenplay with consultation from the comic book’s author. Since del Toro wrote and directed Pan’s Labyrinth, which was incredible, I think my curiosity is overwhelming my resistance to what seemed like a cheesy film.

Have any of my handful of readers seen it? Is it worth it? At least on the merits of its film-making?

One thought on “Hell of a Movie

  1. I’ve seen it. Honestly, I really enjoyed it. Ending is off the wall, but for what it is, far more entertaining than expected. I fully expect to watch hellboy 2 (but maybe not in the theaters).

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