Identity Crisis at Xerox

old xerox logo

Ah, the iconic Xerox logo…40 years old, and still conveys a strong identity of technology in the realm of the printed word.

Until today. BEHOLD! Before you is Xerox’s new dull identity, conveying something more like, “Hi, we’re an upstart Silicon Valley tech firm in 1997 with no business plan! Would you like to buy some stock?”

new xerox logo

2 thoughts on “Identity Crisis at Xerox

  1. Xerox 360? It seems like more companies feel that their logos need to look 3D. Sometimes classic logos are just as effective. I feel like their new logo does not look very distinct at all, it just blends in with the crowd of new logos from other companies.

  2. wow, while it isn’t a terrible design, it can’t hold a candle to the iconic logo of before (which remained relevant with the “pixelation” etc…). This is yet another logo redo of late that makes NO sense.

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