When I’m Rebuiding This City of Mine

rendering of improvements to downtown Richmond
(architect’s rendering, I believe)

If you live in Richmond or simply love the River City as much as I do, you ought to check out the Richmond Downtown Master Plan. Jake tipped me off to this recently, and after checking it out I have to say I’m optimistic. I’m particularly glad to see the focus on mixed-use space and more so on increasing pedestrian traffic. Having read (and slowly still reading!) some of Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities, I’m encouraged to see some of these principals paid the attention they deserve in the course of urban revitalization.

The City Planning Commission is holding a public hearing for comments and such next Tuesday, the 15th. I plan to be there, and if you care about where you live (and that place is Richmond) I recommend you check it out, too.

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