Caucuses Shmaucuses

Awww, phooey. It seems like you can’t look anywhere in the media these days without seeing some crap about the Iowa Caucuses. So here we have people from one state with less then one percent of the population getting ’round-the-clock coverage because of a non-binding “let’s consider who we prefer” event.

Forget that this is another example of the two major parties getting all the attention. Take a look at the lower right-hand corner of the graphic that Blankenship posted today. You see that? Only TWO people that won in the caucuses have made it to the oval office. And look how popular they ended up 🙂

Okay, that’s not too fair. Popularity isn’t a rational measure of political capabilities. But really. Since this event gained widespread attention in ’72, only two winners have entered the White House as president? Puh-lease.

I’ll pay attention when something truly significant happens.

One thought on “Caucuses Shmaucuses

  1. I would actually call having the first African American to win a state primary/caucus a reason to pay attention, and a good sign of the movement in this country away from racism. Beautiful.

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