Welcome back, you say?

I like to get to work earlier than necessary. My office’s hours are pretty flexible, so I could technically sit down to work as late as 9:30 AM if I so chose. This, of course, would require me to stay later in the day as well, and this I can’t abide.

I’m the sort of fella who likes to arrive by 7:45, work through lunch, and be out the door by 4:30. This allows me to accomplish certain errands that require attention before 5, and I get to leave the office while there’s still some shreds of daylight, even during these shorter winter days.

Well this morning, I wish I’d stayed home an extra hour or so.

I arrived at my usual time, and I was digging out from under a vacation’s worth of email. I’d just about finished when, at 8:33, I noticed that my network connection had dropped. Before I could consider the impact, the fire alarm for the building went off, and we were all ushered outside. In the 30 degree cold. With wind. For a FULL HALF HOUR.

Thankfully, I’d brought my coat (and my phone, just in case). After we were allowed to return, we still had no internet or phone for a solid half hour while much of the employees milled about with nothing to do. Clearly, the network has been restored…though I have to admit I was kinda hoping for the sort of outage that would have sent us all home 🙂

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