Thou shalt have no other coaches before me.

Here I am trying to squeeze in at least one post for the weekend before I hit the hay.

So Valerie’s sister, Elizabeth (or Margaret depending on who’s asking), has driven us around Tallahassee all weekend long, and over the course of these few short days we’ve seen this ridiculous sight:

picture of stupid stained glass window

Now I can’t find a decent sized picture of this anywhere (yet), so let me explain. That window depicts Bobby Bowden, the CURRENT coach of the FSU football team, looking out over a packed stadium. This window is over the entrance to said stadium. This is not a joke.

It seems that everybody who makes decisions about buildings at FSU thought, “Oh yeah, a gaudy stained glass window of our coach would look amazing…for the right donation, of course.”

This is tragic, too, because much of the architecture at FSU is glorious and classic – the football stadium included.

4 thoughts on “Thou shalt have no other coaches before me.

  1. All hail the great and mighty Bobby Bowden! hehe… By the way, I looked at the soundtrack for Across the Universe and it has almost all Beatles songs on there. It looks pretty neat and makes me want to see the movie all the more.

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