In September I revealed my personal agony at the apparent loss of my Nikon F camera. In October, I felt solace at the purchase of another classic camera.

Today, while digging through boxes to find some DVDs, Valerie discovered my wedding gift – the camera bag and everything inside. My 1960s Nikon F, my first Moleskine (ahead of the curve, for once – I was using it for notes on shutter speed, location, etc.), and my three awesome Nikkor prime lenses. Clearly I’d forgotten what lenses I actually had. I do indeed have a 135 (which rocks my face off). My 50mm is f1.4 (!!!), and the last one is actually a 45mm wide angle.

I’m psyched to be able to hit the streets with my camera again, and now Val and I can both rock the classic Nikon hotness. I’ll scan some pics and uplaod to Flickr once I get some rolls developed.

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