Christmas Tipple

As Christmas approaches and the weather turns chilly, I’m reminded that it’s Eggnog Time. And I LOVE eggnog.

Or, at least, I love the stuff you buy in the carton. I’ve never actually had homemade eggnog, alcoholic or otherwise. I’m hoping, however, that this changes tonight when I attempt to follow Alton Brown‘s recipe that I found on NPR’s website (though didn’t he do this on Good Eats as well?) while searching for the history of the beverage.

You can check out the interview with Alton on NPR’s Weekend Edition from last year in ’06, along with the reprinted recipes for both the Nog and the frozen version.

UPDATE: Holy CRAP, it’s amazing. What a difference the freshness makes – and it’s not even chilled yet. I think I’ll break it back out of the fridge when Scrubs comes on tonight.

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