Today is Valerie’s 26th birthday (happy birthday again, babe!), so her mom came to town and took us out to dinner. My wife chose to eat at comfort. – a restaurant in Downtown Richmond, right on Broad Street.

And. It. Was. Awesome.

The atmosphere was everything I expect from a typical Richmond eatery from the tin ceiling to the artwork on the walls. The lighting was perfect for the time of day, and while the place filled up nicely during our meal it never felt crowded to me. Service was prompt and friendly, and the drinks came shortly after we ordered them. Bonus points for the Dominion Lager. Double bonus points for including corn bread in the bread basket. Mmmmmm…

My dinner was the pork tenderloin – lightly smoked and deliciously glazed. You pick two sides from an impressive list (or three for a little extra), and I selected scalloped potatoes as well as macaroni and cheese. What struck me was just how good such a classic American meal can taste when everything is made fresh. I typically pay careful attention to my main course (I cook a pretty mean pork tenderloin myself), my sides are often an afterthought – extra filler to complete the meal. I may put some more intentionality into my accompaniments from now on.

While it was by no means the best food I’d eaten in Richmond, tonight’s was a dinner to remember. When a dining experience changes the way I think about preparing my own food at home, it’s an experience not to be taken lightly.

I look forward to returning in the (hopefully near) future.

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