It’s the little things, really.

Today I got really excited when I discovered that the break room soda machine now carries Mountain Dew.

Is this a sign that I’m so stuck in a work-rut that a change of beverage selection generates excitement? Is the day-to-day so lacking in challenge and verve that I’ve resorted to seeking out any possible positive event to help me make it through the week? Perhaps I’m facing full-blown adulthood where life-altering events come few and far between the ordinary happenings as I settle into a dull routine.

Nope, it’s none of those things 🙂

Despite my occasional whining, I’m generally a positive person, and I like to celebrate anything that makes me happy, be it a new gadget or a funny commercial. I hope that’s evident from the host of random crap for which I cheer on this blog o’ mine. So pardon me while I…ahem…do the Dew.

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