Coffee, Illustrated

When the First Tier Webnerds (FTW?) grab hold of something, I see it spread around the Interwebs in a hurry. It happened briefly with Field Notes, prime lenses, and gender/ethnic representation in the field of web design.

Today, so far, I’ve seen two references to Lokesh Dhakar’s site. Even though I don’t want to be an information also-ran, I figured I’d share my favorite part of the site, particularly for the sake of those two or three readers that don’t check out the same 30 websites a day as me and the rest of the tech set.

Back in August, Lokesh created a series of nine coffee infographics that are best view together for comparison. Below is my poison of choice, the cappuccino:

picture of the ingredient composition of cappuccino

As you can see, the pics indicate the general composition of various espresso-based beverages, and with a heavy dose of style, I say.

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