The Tale of the Typo and the Flood of Polish Mac Users

So back in August I posted a video clip about an iPhone copy and paste concept that looked pretty cool. In my haste, unfortunately, I misspelled the word “paste” in my post’s title, so it originally read, “iPhone Copy/Past Concept”. I never really noticed because I’d never paid that much attention to it after I posted the clip, and I don’t have enough readers (yet) asinine enough to point out every typo…except maybe Mugs ๐Ÿ™‚

Well that changed this past weekend when I noticed heavy visitation to that specific post by way of a Polish Apple website, MyApple. It wasn’t until I visited the forum thread where the link was posted, and saw the address in the link that I realized I’d misspelled part of the title. I then checked my stats and saw that there was a search for “copy/past iphone” shortly before the hits rolled in. Such a spelling error in the search terms are understandable from a non-native English speaker, in my opinion. When I ran that search, amazingly, my site was the first result on Google.

I’ve since corrected the spelling in the post’s title and slug, but it was fun for a while to have so many visitors from overseas. Now I know a bit how Chris must feel ๐Ÿ™‚

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