Lurkers? Here?

So I wanted a fuller understanding of how the Bird Feeder Pepper functions in my installation of Mint. Then I read this comment by Inman himself in the Mint Forums, and I thought, “Really? That feed count is the number of unique requests in a given day?”

Here’s a screen shot of the Feeds pane as of this writing:

screen shot of web site statistics

So theoretically, I’ve had 67 unique subscribers hit my main feed today alone! And what the heck is up with Sunday?!? There’s gotta be something off…

But that anomaly aside, it still looks like I’m averaging over 40 unique subscribers a day. If that’s true, then I apparently have lurkers on my site. And quite a few.

Okay, so if I really have lurkers, come on out and say something. Or somebody at least explain what’s up…

2 thoughts on “Lurkers? Here?

  1. The question is how many sites index blog content and then how many of those do it by using an RSS feed of the content that they’re syndicating. The answer is I don’t know.

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