Scoop08 is a political journalism site launching on Sunday, November 4th.

Sure, the political internet landscape is already littered with innumerable blogs and news organizations reporting on the goings-on in American halls of power, but this site purports to be something different. You see, Scoop08 is run by college students and recent graduates. While they have an impressive list of advisors, the entire journalistic team and editorial staff is comprised of young academics with widely varying backgrounds.

According to BBC News and Scoop08’s own “trailer” (really?!?!) there will be increased coverage of issues and candidates typically neglected by mainstream media. With two editors each for Republican and Democratic reportage and but one for the over-broad category of Independents, however, the concentration of truly balanced content remains to be seen.

I hope this works out if only to provide an alternative to the major existing news outlets which depend on the sale of entertainment to satisfy shareholder requirements. It’d be nice, for a change to see political news reported for its relevance rather than its effect on ratings.

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