Design in Small Places: Tumblr’s Post Icons

Even though I’m not impressed enough with Tumblr to make full use of it in place of my blog, that doesn’t mean I’m not playing around with the app.

Today I noticed a really sweet detail, too. Check out this strip of icons below:

posting icon for Tumblr

Now look really close at the top and bottom edges of each in the line. Do you notice how the top of the leftmost icon and the bottom of the rightmost icon aren’t torn? Do you notice how every other torn edge of the seven icons match up with the adjacent icon’s edges? The icons appear as if they started out as one thin strip of paper that’s been torn into seven pieces.

Pretty clever, huh? I think the icons already look clear enough and nifty, but this extra touch shows me that they were designed with care.

One thought on “Design in Small Places: Tumblr’s Post Icons

  1. Wow. I hadn’t noticed the top and bottom. That’s awesome. I already thought the design was really nice overall. It’s that kind of small attention to detail that goes beyond what you can immediately put your finger on that makes something look really professional.

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