I was looking forward to seeing what came with the new incarnation of Tumblr that launched today, and I have to say that I’m really no more interested than I was the first time.

I can see the value in Tumblr for many folks – quick, easy posting of different media types in a clean and (seemingly) customizable format. There are still no comments, and this is a sticking point for me (but certainly not everybody). Sure, I only get a few now and again, but I still love the ability for readers to post relevant links and anecdotes. Additionally, I’m fairly comfortable with WordPress right now. I like the ability to use drafts, recognize multiple authors, and of course my beloved list of categories (and really, if I could see a list – not just auto-completing as I type – of tags I’ve used before, this wouldn’t matter).

I’ll probably keep playing with Tumblr just to see how usable it is…but between Twitter and this blog, it’s difficult to see a compelling reason for me (personally) to use a “blogging lite” web app.

P.S. If you have Tumblr pointing to a sub-domain, is it possible to slap the Mint JS call in the HTML so your visits are tracked?

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  1. Yes you can edit the html to point to an external javascript file. You would just have to host the .js file on your own server and link to the absolute URL of the file.

  2. Do you mean if you have a subdomain of your site redirect to Tumblr? So that, say, tumble.danielcwarshaw.com points to your Tumblelog?If so, you could still only install Mint if Tumblr gave you access to source code for your blog. And if that’s the case, you can do it without using the redirect, as well.

  3. Thanks for the advice, both. Of course, there are two outstanding issues:1. I still can’t get the subdomain on Dreamhost to point to Tumblr – I think it’s because by default Dreamhost already has an A-File with the root of the subdomain, and it’s mapped to the subdomain itself and is non-editable.2. I sent a support email for Mint, because I’m not sure that using Mint this way is even acceptable under the terms of service. I’m still waiting on a response for that.

  4. i love tumblr! i put comments in using haloscan and it works for me. and the official tumblr blog is referencing disqus as a commenting option. it looks good on the tumblelogs i’ve seen it on so far.

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