Corn is no place for a mighty warrior…

Well what a fine cap to the end of a long but not-so-bad day! Val and I recently returned from the annual Maize Maze at the Belvedere Plantation. We hung out with our dear friends the Mansfields and wandered in the dark through…well…a giant maze cut out of a huge corn field, essentially.

The weather was perfect, and it was actually relaxing and entertaining to wander about through the narrow lanes, leaves brushing past our faces. Afterwards, we checked out some of the peripheral farm-like attractions and the little shop, and headed back to the casa.

I’m pretty sure tonight will be one of the finest nights of sleep I’ve had in ages.

P.S. As an epilogue on my Saturday of work, here’s my verdict: Not so bad – at least this time. I didn’t really have any daytime plans this weekend, so I don’t as if I’d missed out on anything, particularly when the Mrs. would have put me to work in other ways about the house 🙂 I wouldn’t look for this on a regular basis by any stretch of the imagination, but at least this first time was pretty easy on me.

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